Network Vision Group understands that maintaining cash flow is critical for any business and buying equipment outright can be costly.

Our company is one of the few security companies that provide customers with the option of leasing.  Leasing programs can include Comprehensive Maintenance which provides equipment warranty over the life of the agreement.  This leaves you with ongoing support to assist you in the operation of your security system, for the life of your system.  Leasing allows commercial businesses to acquire the larger scale commercial security systems they require to keep their premises secure.


By offering our customers a finance solution, Network Vision Group can overcome most objectives with a payment plan that will alleviate budget restraints.  A small monthly payment is much easier to stomach than a larger capital outlay and these payments are fixed for the period of the lease and do not increase over-time.  This allows more accurate budgeting and cash flow planning and protects you against inflation.  Whatever your industry, we will tailor a fast and flexible commercial finance solution that will get you the equipment your business needs for an affordable monthly cost.  We can also help you acquire the Security Solution that is right for you, not a compromise that only satisfies the capital budget.


Why Lease?

  1. No upfront deposits
  2. Easy monthly repayments
  3. 100% tax deductible
  4. No impact on cash-flow
  5. Security solution that will satisfy your requirements , not a compromise that only satisfies capital expenditure budget



It is the USE of current technology that gives you the edge,

NOT the ownership of it.